Hey there! I’m Olivia McGovern.

I just graduated from high school and I’m about to start my first year at college to study English.

I absolutely love traveling. A summer ago I took a trip to France, and it seriously changed my life. I fully intend to continue traveling and will share my adventures here.

Writing is my passion. I enjoy writing sci fi/fantasy and realistic fiction the most, but I’m always willing to dabble elsewhere when inspiration comes. I’ve gotten two short stories published, and I plan to publish more.

I have two cats, Ron and Milo. They’re kind of jerks, but I love them anyway.

2016-10-23 21.16.54_1495937275111.jpg
Ron (Weasley) on the left, and Milo on the right

I work in a coffee shop, I love to drink coffee, and these two facts are probably related.

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Feel free to snoop around ­čśë