Wanderlust in Wisconsin

I want to go everywhere. The word for it, I believe, is “wanderlust,” but that word has been featured in too many heavily-edited pinterest pictures for me to use it without cringing a little. But it’s true; I want to see everything this world has to offer.

Unfortunately, I’m stuck in the same ol’ town going to a local college for another year. Rather than allow this to put my adventurous spirits in hibernation, I’ve decided to trek into the wilderness of my home state and see all the tiniest wonders it contains.

Wisconsin is known for a couple things, but mostly cheese, beer, and serial killers. We’re very proud of at least two of those things most of the time.

But we’re much more than this. We’re the Badger State, our communities were formed by lumberjacks, we’re fishers, hunters, and farmers. We’re surrounded by Great Lakes on two sides and the massive Mississippi on the other, and we’re very proud of the hilly landscapes between.

My friend Victoria is also a traveler and fated to stay here for a little while longer. When we realized our similar fates, we decided together that we could still explore planet Earth. We’d just have to start at home.

In the last few months, we already went to see a couple roadside wonders. We walked through a chainsaw forest, which perfectly commemorates our lumberjack history. There, towering telephone poles are stuck through by what must be nearly 100 chainsaws of various colors. It’s truly a work of art, and simply sitting on the side of a county highway.

Chainsaw forest

We discovered that, nearby, was a giant ice cream cone. When we arrived, we found that the ice cream cone was nearly the size of a small car and that it stood in front of Hawkeye Dairy. Needless to say, we got some ice cream (and it was delicious :p).

Next, we stopped at the Exact Center of the Northern Half of the Western Hemisphere… only to discover that the geological marker was not actually at the exact geographical location.

The Exact Center of the Northern Half of the Western Hemisphere… but not actually



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